Neotrek products can be shipped to addresses in South Africa that is accessible by the assigned Courier Company. Shipping to outlying areas are a bit more expensive. You can expect shipping to be in the order of R200.00. The website will quote the shipping cost when you enter the address, before you have to make payment.

To maintain road safety, it is important to keep the center of gravity of your vehicle as low as possible. Rather load lightweight, bulky items on your roof rack and sacrifice fuel consumption for safety. Place heavier items in the center of the roof rack. Tests were performed in moderate conditions with 50kg loaded onto the roof rack. For safety reasons it is highly recommended to drive slower to match the road conditions.

The Neotrek Roof Racks are designed to be fitted permanently with minimal influence on fuel consumption. Unloaded, the Neotrek Roof Racks have a very low front surface area that reduces wind resistance to a minimum. They are lightweight. The Little Swift™ weighs 9.5kg and the bigger Black Swift™ weighs 14kg.

Slates span from front to back. They are designed to take the hammering, not your cargo or the painted parts of the roof rack. Standard slates are black Polyethylene plastic strips. They are maintenance free and very tough.

For more character and a natural look, wooden slates can be ordered for the Little Swift™. They are lighter (1 kg)  but will need some maintenance in the long term.

Due to the closely spaced load bars, the Black Swift™ can be ordered without the front to rear polyethylene slates.

Tie down straps are recommended. Simply tie it around the side aluminium extrusions or around one of the aluminium load bars. (There are 5 on the Little Swift™ and 7 on the Black Swift™)

It is comparable to fitting curtain rails but without the drilling of holes. No special tools or skills are required. Proper assembly instructions with illustrations are provided.

If you follow the instructions carefully, about 1 ½ hours.

No. The Little Swift™ fits in place of the standard roof rails of the Suzuki Jimny (Third generation 2012-2018 model) and uses the standard mounting bolts of the vehicle. The Black Swift™ clamps onto the gutter rail of the Suzuki Jimny (Fourth generation 2018+ model).